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Fashion Jewelry Set

Materials: 1 Pkg. Gold Lined Crystals, 4mm1 Pkg. Gold Lined Crystals, 6mm1 Pkg. Lt Colorado Topaz Swarovski Crystals, 4mm1 Pkg. Lt Colorado Topaz Swarovski Crystals, 5mm1 Pkg. Lumi Rose Pony Beads1 Pkg. MET Gold Pony Beads1 Pkg. Silver Lined Gold Pony Beads1 Pkg. Gold, Round Pearls, 8mm1 Pkg. G/P Wire, 22 Gauge1 Spool of Medium SoftFlex1 Pkg. G/P Kidney Style Ear Wires1 Pkg. G/P Jump Rings, 4mm1 Pkg. G/P Crimp Beads1 Pkg. Antique Gold Small Toggle Clasp with Twist Bar1 Pkg. Silve

How to Make Paper Flowers

Supplies:Pretty PaperCircle Cutter ScissorsGlue GunSchool GlueGlitterStep 1: Cut circles from the paper using the circle cutter. You will need between 7 to 21 circles for each flower, depending on how full you would like them.Step 2: With scissors cut a slit half way up each circle.Step 3: Place a dot of hot glue to the left side of the slit. Fold the right side of the slit over the left to create a cone. Repeat.Step 4: Place a dot of hot glue near the seam of the cone (usually

How to Make Paper Flowers

Things You'll Need1.Pink crepe paper2.Green crepe paper3.Scissors4.Floral stems5.Floral tape6.Cotton ballsStep 1: Gather supplies needed. Step 2:Cut a 1 1/2-inch circle from the pink crepe paper. Stick a floral stem through a wad of cotton and place it in the center of the paper circle. Step 3: Gather the paper around the cotton ball and twist it around the stem. Secure it in place with the floral tape. Cut out 8 of the small template pieces from the crepe paper. Cut 16 medium-

Misty Tanzanite Hair Comb

Materials:1 Pkg of Crystal Clear AB Swarovski Rounds, 4mm1 Pkg of Crystal Clear AB Swarovski Pendants, 8mm1 Pkg of Tanzanite Swarovski Pendants, 8mm1 Spool of Fine Soft Flex1 Pkg of Silver Plated Crimp Beads1 Silver Plated Hair Comb1 Pkg of LND Lavender/Amethyst 11/0 Seed BeadsTools you will need:Crimping PliersNecklace Directions Step 1. Cut approximately 2 of Soft Flex(Note: we will be counting the holes on the Hair Comb from right to left)Step 2. Make a

Starry Night Candlesticks

This project was created using candlestick holders that have angular features. This project may have to altered slightly to accommodate other styles of candlestick holders ( i.e. round )1) Take the spool of E and pull a length to wrap around the top of the candlestick holder. Wherever the wire meets the rest of the spool, mark and cut ( using plier ) out an additional 1/2".2) Thread onto the cut wire a random pattern of A and B. Don't thread all the way to the end, leave about 1/4" - 1/2" o

Swarovski Crystal Candle

1) Make a very small indent in the candle with the tip of tweezer marking where the center of the design will be. Place a small drop of A onto the back of E with a toothpick and adhere on top of the indent.2) Take the four Ds and place one each above, below, to the left and to the right of E. Leave about a 2mm gap between the center crystal and these four D.3) Starting with the D that has been placed at the top and the one placed to the left, measure an equal distance between the two and pl

Feline Fanatic Bookmark

1) Take one Eyepin and thread on one Bicone, a Silver Spacer Bead, a Fancy Bead, another Silver Spacer bead, and the other Bicone. With your Chain Nose and Round Nose pliers, make a simple loop with the remaining Eyepin wire. Use your Side Cutters to cut away any excess wire as you're creating the loop. Before closing this loop completely, attach the Cat Charm. 2) Take another Eyepin and thread on a Silver Spacer, a Czech bead. Donut, and another Silver Spacer. Just as before, create a Simple Lo


* If you notice in the two snowflakes picutred above, you can have a pattern to your snowflake, or simply create a random design. 1) Pour out a couple of each style of the base metal beads and with the assortment in the bead kit, mix and match the pattern until you are happy with what you have on one spoke of the snowflake form. Try to allow a small amount of the spoke that you are beading on to poke out from the last bead. The Crimp Tube that you'll attach in the next step is easier to bead on

Twinkling Star Buckle Project

Make your belt buckle shine! Our star belt buckle has a recessed area that is perfect for accenting with Swarovski flatback crystals!

Designer Belt Buckles

1) Pick up each crystal with tweezers and dab a bit of glue onto stone with a toothpick.2) Place crystals on buckle and repeat until entire face is covered. Let glue cure for 24hrs. before wearing.Quantity of Items Needed 90 Swarovski Xilion Rose Flat Back 2058 7mm Crystal1 Buckle Oval Rope 4"x2.5" Silver Color 1 E6000 Glue 2oz

Mardi Gras

Instructions. 1) Take the 28" length of cording and close an End Connector over each of the ends. Make a Lark's Head knot with the cording around the large ring (preferably around one of the holes in the ring). Open the large Jump Ring and slip it through the middle of the Lark's Head knot and the large ring. Before closing, attach the Fleur di Lis Charm. 2) Open the two smaller Jump Rings and use these to attach one half of the Hook and Eye clasp to each necklace half. Close these Jump Ring se