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DIY Pearl Choker

The designer turned up the ol’ pearl game about 100 notches with ginormous pearl necklaces, bracelets and rings for Chanel‘s spring collection. Costumey, over-the-top and DIYable . . . I was sold. Next came the painstakingly long search for the largest pearls I could find and in my hunt for pearls, came the inspiration to make rings inspired by Russian designer super chic double pearl rings. It’s a pearl party and everyone is invited!

DIY Anklet

These days we’re all for reincorporating the anklet back into our accessory repertoire. Made with thin chain and tiny charms, delicate anklets are the perfect summer trinket for those beachy bare feet or barely there sandals. This week’s DIY requires only two pairs of pliers and a handful of accessible supplies – which can then be used to make bracelets and necklaces, too!

DIY Handpiece

When I know how to DIY the signature handpiece, we were ecstatic! Not only are we huge fans of this jewelry, we’ve been dying to adorn ourselves with this ring and bracelet combination. Thank you for the awesome tutorial.

DIY Braided Cuff

The weather is getting warmer and the sleeves are getting shorter. Exposed wrists are in desperate need of jewelry – some new, some old and some handmade. This season, I’m all about making these braided brass cuffs. The most complicated step to this tutorial is drilling holes through the cuff but if you’ve got a steady hand and a tiny drill bit, you’ll be churning these out before you know it.

DIY Bangle, No Tools Needed

I see so many do-it-yourself jewelry projects that I’m desperate to try. I often buy all the materials, get my tools ready, and then majorly fail during the execution. I’m really intimidated by anything that requires a clasp, so I was thrilled to come across these wooden craft bangles for $3. I had a bunch of ombre rainbow cord leftover from one of my above-mentioned failed projects (a recreation of this necklace), so I gave it a while. And it worked. NO clasp. NO tools. NO talent. Victory! Many more bangles projects in our future…

Western Tips on Cloth

Western Tips — This might be our easiest DIY yet: You can get your own super-fancy, western-style shirt in just minutes (really!).

DIY Gold Necklace on Cloth Accessory

Gold Necklace — This doubles as a cute necklace for casual outfits!

DIY Collars Anyone Can Whip Up

Shelling out the cash for a designer version can be a touch daunting. That's why we've put our crafty skills to task to create DIY collars that anyone can create, if you've got a moment (and a few old button-ups) to spare. Click through for these crazy clever how-tos and whip up the whole quartet!

How To Make Rockstar Jewelry

Do you have a wanna be Rockstar in your life? I have the perfect little tutorial for you! I made Rockstar Jewelery for Gabrielle the other day and I can’t wait to surprise her with her very own Rock Star jewelry set!

Simple DIY Leather Key Ring To Make

Well, now we will share you this projcet of Simple DIY Leather Key Ring To Make.

Stylish Yet Simple DIY Leather Key Ring

This key ring is a simple and stylish piece for you or for anyone you love – as a gift, it can be useful both for girls and guys due to its universal design. Y

DIY Bead and Skull Key Chain

Here’s how you do it.

DIY Braieded Belt

What you’ll need:-“Fashion Buckle” (can be found at your local craft store. there are many different styles to choose from. I went with a simple one, but the possibilities are endless.)-Fabric scraps. (these scraps are 100% quilter’s-weight cotton, but many different types of fabrics would work as well)You’re going to start your belt by cutting 1″ strips of your scraps. Having lots of different colors and fabrics of scraps makes for an interesting and eclectic-looking belt. You’ll ne

DIY Rope Tasse Flip Flops

DIY Rope Tassel Flip Flops Supplies: Plain Flip Flops {the navy ones pictured are from Target} 5 mm Craft rope cord Shoe Goo Adhesive Embroidery floss, bright orange/red Scrap rope or upholstery cording, {for rope tassel} jump rings, 7mm, 9mm Beading/jewelry pliersInstructions: Ok let’s talk adhesive, you must use the Shoe Goo adhesive if you want embellishments to stick to the rubber of the flip flops. I researched all the different glues out there, s

Make Your Own Lace Butterfly Jewelry

I love the doily and lace trend that has been in the crafting world for a while now. Something that used to seem old fashioned and outdated has found a new life in the form of tiny crowns, appliques and bowls. This is my twist on that trend: DIY lace jewelry!

DIY Button Bow Tie

Tired of wearing the same outfit as everyone else? Stand out with a button bow tie!

DIY Frame Earring Holder

Your accessories is one big mess you say? Can’t find the second part of an earring pair? Get organised with a homemade earring holder! It’ll take you no more than ten minutes.

DIY Hama Bead Bow Tie

Make your own bead bow tie! Step-by-step instructions and template follows:

Apple Craft for Kids: Make an Apple Wall Hanging

Apples are symbolic of autumn, the new school year, and fit so well with this time of year. But for those of us celebrating the High Holidays soon, apples are a staple! We’ll be eating apples with honey to symbolize a sweet new year, and so this apple decoration is a perfect way to decorate. It can then be carried out to decorate the Sukkah, the “hut” we move into for the holiday immediately following.

DIY Fringed Magnetic Bookmarks

I’m not done yet! I made these adorable magnetic bookmarks using a business card magnet, a scrap of ribbon, and some fun duct tape!