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Double Dose of Spring DIYS!

Here are two spring inspired DIYs using moss!

How to-DIY Stamped Metal Monogram Pendant

My metal stamping tutorials in the past have always been popular, so I thought it’d be good to go back and teach another basics course with a fun little project! This will give you an idea of all the tools and the basic process to make lots of other metal stamping projects, too.

Rhinestone-Studded Bobby Pins

I am always obsessed with hair products and accessories because I have a lot of curly hair. I am always looking for the next awesome thing to tame this ‘situation.’

Jewelry Chunk Button- DIY Jewelry Tutorial

I’ll show you how I made my own version with the trusty jewelries that don’t require any special techniques.

Artisan Glass

Our lampwork beads are some of our favorite pieces, not only because of their beauty but because each one is made by hand

Large-Hole Beads at Your Fingertips

One of the hottest trends this season, large-hole beads have been showing up everywhere. Our Collection features everything you need to capitalize on this trend and make fashionable jewelry in a snap. With beads ranging from casual to elegant, this style is easy to adjust to fit personalities and personal tastes.

How to Make a Two-Seed-Bead Backstitch

Want to create a dazzling display of seed beads around your favorite cabochon for a remarkable hand-made bezel? This simple two-bead backstitch is perfect for beginners

Beading Playlist

Creative juices seem to flow a little easier with help from music. Heck, I’m plugged in to some my favorite tunes while I write this! Jewelry designing, or any form of art for that matter, is all about creativity. To get the fingers flowing at just the right angle, or to place the right beads into the perfect position, is all about one’s mindset.

A Knitting Giveaway – Featuring Seed Bead Blends

There are full of fun colors that work perfectly in all kinds of designs. We recently used one of our Blends to embellish our knitted bulb cuff design featured in a segment of the show.

Swarovski Rivolis

Swarovski rivoli crystals are beautiful stones that make a sparkling impact on any design. Their unique facets refract light in a dazzling display. These stones don’t have stringing holes, so they work best as embellishments in bead embroidery or even in beaded bezels. We made some very cool bezels for our rivolis.

Using Large-Hole Beads in New Ways

We love the way large-hole beads add character to designs. These fun components are easy to add to lots of designs and come in a variety of styles. The example above, our necklace, shows Swarovski BeCharmed beads and large-hole Tierra Cast spacers strung onto Silver Silk. This is just one of the many ways you can use large-hole beads in your designs. Their wide stringing holes allow you to explore options you may have never thought of before. Here is filled with examples for using these goodies in unique ways.

Beautiful Bicones

Swarovski Bicones can be used in so many ways. They’re excellent accents of sparkle for necklaces, earrings and bracelets. The unique rhombus shape can be paired with pearls, chain and lots of other beads.

Beads in Crafting – A Royal Beauty Contest for Embellished Trinkets!

​We had some fun over the holidays! We found some fun little animal statues and handed them out to employees with the challenge of decorating them with flatbacks, beads and other embellishments. The results are absolutely superb.

Making Jewelry and Crafts for the Holidays

December is well underway and holiday festivities have already begun! The weather has turned colder, Christmas decorations have sprung up and holiday cheer is in the air. There’s still time to make the season even merrier with jewelry and crafts you can make yourself!

Bead Crochet

Crocheting with beads is a great way to add new fibers to your jewelry designs! From the very simple to beautifully complex, this technique is sure to keep you coming back for more. Take a look at what our designers have come up with and add this technique to your repertoire.

Having Fun with the Spiral Stitch

If you’re new to bead weaving, a great place to start is with the spiral stitch. This simple stitch comes together quickly and looks great. You don’t have to be a beginner to enjoy it, either! Anyone can have fun making spiral stitch jewelry. Just look at some of the creations we made!

The Beauty of Spring

It seems like everyone is just about ready for spring to arrive! Whether you’re planning gardens, updating your fall wardrobe, getting ready for spring cleaning, starting new jewelry projects, or just wanting to shake the cold weather, spring is a season everyone looks forward to. This season, pastels and florals are making a modern comeback and we have some fabulous ideas for spring jewelry-making to get you inspired!

Making Mini Beaded Chairs

Beads are fun to play with, whether you are making jewelry, home decor or some other kind of craft. We recently discovered the art of making miniature chairs with beads. We have made many beaded chairs over the years and now our goal is to revive miniature beaded chair art by sharing the instructions and diagrams we have spent hours and hours creating. Here is our story on how we got started making these cute little chairs

Make Real Silver Jewelry With Metal Clay

Since I've been doing art and craft projects since I was a kid with my art teacher Mom, there aren't that many areas I've never dabbled in at all, but this project was a totally new challenge for me. She mentioned that she had learned about this clay that you shape and dry, and once it's fired, it turns into pure silver! It sounded crazy, but the more we looked into it, we realized it was true. The clay is made of silver particles, organic binders, and water, so when you fire the piece, the organic binders and the water burn off, and you are left with a piece that is 99.9% pure silver. Awesome!

DIY Bolo Tie

Many years ago, we might have shunned the idea of wearing bolos but nowadays we couldn’t be more obsessed with these western neckties! Worn pulled up against a buttoned up collared shirt or loose as a necklace, bolos are our must have accessory of the moment. Inspired by recent street style sightings, magazine editorials, and a few designers who have embraced this western inspired trend, we put together an easy bolo tie tutorial that we hope you’ll love.