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American Flag Pin

A funny design about safety pin. I will show you this process about making it.

Threading A Guru Bead

A guru bead is a three holed bead that is used to finish Buddhist malas or prayer beads.Also known as the 'mother bead'.There are a few methods for stringing beads. This method works best for wooden beads or beads with larger holes.

Recycling Old Jewelry

I have a lot of old necklaces that I don't wear, but I think they would make great bracelets or other pieces. Most of the time I just take them apart and sort them away to be used at a later date. This is a quick guide on how to reuse old jewelry, you dot have to follow it exactly. Be creative about it and use your imagination!

Faux Faberge Junk Jewelry Egg

Like a challenge so decided I would come up with a Faux Faberge egg and enter it in this contest! It makes a great alternative to doing the housework! I took a plain white egg and made two small holes top and bottom and blew out the innards. The theory is you blow hard through one hole and the yolk and white will come out of the other hole! It works!

DIY Jewelry Box

Girls love to own unique jewelry boxes. You can simply buy jewelry boxes form stores, but if you can make your own jewelry box it'll be unique. This instructable shows you how to make a simple, easy

Seaglass Seahorse Accessories

How to make a wire wrapped seaglass seahorse? We will show you! The final size of ours is about three inches tall and an inch and a half wide. You can make larger ones or smaller ones. This size is nice for a necklace.

Bike Inner Tube Jewelry

Bike inner tubes used to be one of those useless items that just ends up in the trash. But now, thanks to people becoming aware of the environment and pollution it is one of the top recycled item.Up cycling inner tubes into bags and clothing accessories are some ideas. I love doing green projects and really enjoyed making these chic and very trendy jewelry. It's very easy to do and very kid friendly.

Dreamy Open Neck Choker

This is pretty open neck choker is very quick and easy to do! It looks elegant too...don't you think?You could customize it to fit any of your clothes by changing the colors of the drop beads...I just love how it looks.

Jewel Your Feet

What's great about this is you can wear them with flip flops and so dress up boring white or ivory flip flops.You can also twist it and wear it in your hands!

Rock Jewelry Tree

In this instructable, I will show you how to make a jewelry tree! This is a project that I had the idea for quite some time ago and I'm proud that I was finally able to give it a try. I love wearing earrings, and have felt for some time that they should be better displayed. Also, it's kinda fun to admire the tree each morning while I make my selection

Plastic Bags Flowers

A few days ago I was thinking what to do with some old and ugly fridge magnets, and then I thought they would look great with flowers. Than I make the plastic bag flowers.

Beaded Anklet

This anklet is crocheted, supplemented by beads. This a relatively quick project if you are experienced with crocheting, and is a simple project for learning how to crochet with wire or working with beads and crocheting.

Beaded Girl Keyring

This instructable will tell you how to make a beaded girl.

Dance Around the Sun Wirework Pendant Tutorial

This tutorial teaches you how to make an intricately wrapped pendant with swirling bands of woven wire across the front.You can weave the front in almost any pattern you wish. Instructions are given for the design shown here as a suggestion. These instructions show you how to attach the woven bands to each other while working them. Once you learn these techniques, they can be applied to many other designs.

Chamela Sandal

Why confine jewelry to the usual areas like necklines and wrists? Consider dressing up your feet and ankles during the warm spring and summer months. Perfect for adding a touch of fun to a simple sundress, this barefoot sandal is sure to become one of your favorite beach accessories. Use the alternative components listed below if you prefer blues and greens, just make sure that the beads you choose have the appropriate hole size to allow for double stringing.Please note that you will have to adjust the wire length and amount of beads to fit your foot length and ankle width. Our measurements should simply be used as guidelines.

Freshwater Pearl and Sterling Silver Anklet

This fresh, light, summertime anklet will go with any outfit. It's simple, classic design looks stunning with a tan!

Cozumel Sandals

This barefoot sandal is the perfect accessory for your favorite sun dress or your next trip to the beach. Its bold blue colors are the ideal counterpart to sandy beaches and crashing waves.Please note that the measurements for this piece are approximate. You'll have to adjust the length of the piece to match both the length of your own foot and the width of your ankle.

Beach Gypsy Anklet

Kick your shoes off and show off your foot fashion for summer! This delightful ankle bracelet features just enough color to liven up an outfit.

Coachella Anklet

Bring the celebration of summer from your head down to your toes with this festive anklet! You can mix and match your favorite colors to create a unique piece that reflects your personal style, or try replicating ours that reflects the annual weekend of music and arts.

DIY Ombre Lace Jewelry

Yay! It’s DIY Day! I am so very excited to share this new DIY with you all! I know you all will love this is one and I am definitely going to try out for myself!!