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Project Bag

Here's a quick and easy project bag to hold any small piece of handwork that you want to take with you. Myself, I always have a knitting project of some kind going: hats, socks, scarves or mitts all serve awesomely to pass the time while I'm commuting by train or bus, or waiting at the dentist or optometrist, or on a friend who's late for dinner.

Woven Plastic Bag

This is an easy way to recycle. It is a simple plastic bag bag that only requires a basic knowledge of two words: over and under. The only materials that you need can be found in almost any home and the end product is useful, not just something pretty that sits on a shelf.

Make Your Own Net Bag

I have made nets for various projects around the house, Including a storage place for stuffed animals, bottle covers and the like, even a shirt once.For this instructable I will be making a net bag.

Cinch bag

This nifty little bag can be used for many purposes, for example: costumes, holding small items and coins, or just a decorative item.

Paracord Multipurpose Drawstring Bag

This kind of bag is very common and i saw a similar bag few days ago. It is very simple but takes a lot of time and patience.

Tote Bag

I made this tote bag from items I found a two of my favorite stores and some leftover things I already had. SCRAP in Portland is like the Goodwill for craft lovers and Goodwill Outlet is where they sell stuff by the pound and you have to dig through a lot of stuff that's been dumped into bins to find the gems but they are there.

Easy Knit Shoulder Bag

This project is great if you're a beginner like me in knitting. You only need a couple of balls of yarn and one size of knitting needles. I do suggest you use good quality wool yarn because it makes such a big difference. I used a medium or worsted weight yarn which is a relatively thick yarn because I like the look of thick stitches for my bag and also because it knits fast.

Wine Gift Bag

When someone invites you to dinner at their home, you don't want to show up empty handed, so why not take a nice bottle of wine. Here's a clever way to make a wine gift bag out of an old Hawaiian shirt!

Crochet Bag

Since I first started to crochet again, just a few months ago, I haven't been able to really finish any of the crocheted projects that I started except little things like bracelets (see my VHS Tape Bracelet and Floral Crochet Bracelet).For this reason, I am particularly proud of this crocheted bag that I was finally able to finish!

Easy Crochet Bag

This bag is inspired by a bag I saw at my local craft story. When I got home I immediately searched my big crocheting hook and my t-shirt yarn and started crocheting!This project is really easy, if you have never crochet before this may just be that first time!

8 DIY Zipper Jewelry

All the jewelry here can be made in less than 15 minutes. I have included different styles and patterns of Jewelry from ethnic to casuals.Have a stunning day with your zipper accessories. Adorn them in style.

Decorative Jewelry Frame Organizer

This beautiful frame doubles as decorative and functional, with several places to hang earrings and necklaces or bracelets. Perfect for girls or women who have lots of accessories!

Pink Felt Rose Wind Chime

Wanna make some beautiful wind chimes for your house at weekends? How about this beautiful pink rose wind chime with pearl dangles?

Jewelry Organizer

Learn how to make a quick and easy organizer jewelry in 1 minute.Lets get started!

Flatware Jewelry

It's really simple to make some fairly nifty jewelry out of what you've already got sitting around. For this bracelet I chose a stainless fork with some long tines and a bit of character, and then gave it a bit more. I like stainless steel because it's durable and polishes well. You can make it a bit easier to manipulate by annealing it, but I decided not to since I don't have the setup to temper it back up again. You just need to be a bit more stubborn than your materials and a bit smarter than your tools, and it should work fine.

Faux Faberge Junk Jewelry Egg

I like a challenge so decided I would come up with a Faux Faberge egg and enter it in this contest! It makes a great alternative to doing the housework! I took a plain white egg and made two small holes top and bottom and blew out the innards. The theory is you blow hard through one hole and the yolk and white will come out of the other hole! It works!

Simple Scarf Jewelry

In stores you can but this type of thing but they cost $20. In my tutorial I will show u how to make one for less in a simple way!

Secret Jewelry Jar

Whether you are trying to stash jewelry in a place a crook wouldn't think to search, trying to keep a girlfriend/wife oblivious to one of her Christmas/B-day/Anniversary presents, or just looking for a unique way to give someone a gift you have to think outside the box!

Jewelry Board with Magnetic Accessory Tin

This project will guide you through making your very own jewelry board to organize and display your awesome accessories.

Anklet At Home-Tutorial

Hi all,Today i tried an anklet my other passion which is newly developed. Anklets is no long in fashion nowadays but still when u see an anklet u wish to have one.