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The Abacus Bracelet

Want to go retro with your calculator watch? No, not the 1980s. How about two millennia before that? We're going to make a bent wood bracelet with a miniature, working abacus built into it! These instructions are for a traditional Chinese Suanpan style abacus with a 5 2 bead configuration, but you could easily adapt them to a Japanase Soroban style with a 4 1 bead configuration.

Collection Bracelet

This bracelet will take you quite a lot of time but is also totally worth it. The colours I used are just an example, try combining some colours yourself to make it more personal or themed. This bracelet is perfect for your festival or beach outfit but can also be sophisticated and be worn to spice up your outfit. And I apologise for probably using wrong terms for some jewelry materials but my original language is Dutch.

Electronic Bracelet

This instructable details the creation of a bracelet made from scrap electronic components. I work at an office where components are periodically scrapped when newer circuit designs are released. The scrapped IC components for this bracelet were rescued for art purposes before they found their way into the recycling bin. The featured integrated circuit in the middle of the design was recovered from a circuit board repair.

Enameled Vintage Keys Necklace

A very easy necklace for making!

Making A Over The Head Necklace

Here we are going to show how to make a over the head neck lace. First you need the tools, not shown in picture.

Macramé Stone Necklace

Title says necklace but I am making a bracelet for this tutorial because its quicker lol but of course this can be made into a necklace and further explained in following steps. This is similar to my other instrucable on interchangeable stone necklaces. Except this will not be interchangeable. The stone will stay on the necklace or bracelet.

Super Simple Wire Necklace

Now, I do like the look of pretty, shiny things, but I also like the look of old industrial things. This necklace is a very simple, easy piece to start with if you are interested in Steam Punk, or Garage Chic, which I may have just made up, but if it isn't a thing, it should be..

Candy Cane Necklace

Candy Cane necklace hearts. What a great gift for your friend or girlfriend.So easy to make and even give it to your mom, I know she'll think its special and probably your girlfriend will like it too!

Paper Fan Necklace

Now, here is a way of turning old magazine pages into trendy jewelry.Flaunt them with style and create a great style statement. Here is a simple way of creating a nice necklace.

A Necklace With A Pendant

This is my first Instructable, so I figured that I should start simple. In this tutorial, many of the steps will have pictures to help explain how to recreate this necklace or one similar to it.

Silver Tree Necklace

I made myself a necklace very similar to this a couple of years ago and have since then recieved so many comments on it that I thought it would be nice to share how I made it.Its very simple.

Lasercut Necklace Pendant

In this tutorial I will be covering how to make a basic wood pendant on the laser cutting machine.

Beaded Heart Pendant

I got my inspiration for this project on Pinterest. This is the pin that I'm talking about. This was the first time using these techniques: tracing an image with wire and adding beads to a wire base shape. I'm really glad with how my pendant turned out and I think the colour combination looks great! I really hope you like it too.

Paracord Necklace- Four Strand Round Braid

A simple for making,just spend about ten minutes.

Origami Necklace

This is my second instructable and im gonna show you how to make a origami necklace.

Zip Necklace

Easiest zip necklace! Just do it now!

White Pearl Flower Necklace

Do you like handmade pearl necklaces? This Pandahall tutorial is about making a white pearl flower necklace for girls. Hope you love it.Pearls have been valued for thousands of years because of their luster and rarity. In this article, you can see a handmade pearl necklace for girls. The great combination of pearl beads and glass beads make this white pearl flower necklace delicate. The following contents are the detail steps of making such a pearl necklace.

Bird Nest Wire Wrapped Pendant Necklace

This article is about a bird nest wire wrapped pendant necklace. The main part is making the bird nest wire wrapped pendant. Follow me to see how.

A Necklace For Mom

This is a really sweet and simple project that's perfect for young children. The best part is it's really easy, quick, fun, and all you need are a few scraps of paper, scissors, a toothpick, some thread (or dental floss), a needle, and a glue stick. The beads are made from construction paper, and are surprisingly strong and beautiful!

Wine Cork Necklace

Make a necklace charm out of the cork from your favorite wine bottle.