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Connected Coins Bracelet Project

This is the perfect cold connection project for someone just starting out. Crimp tubes are used as rivets, joining TierraCast links together in a mixed metal bracelet.

Silver Scales Wrap Bracelet Project

Antique Silver Wheat chain is used in this woven looking leather cording wrap bracelet.

Eyelet Wrap Bracelet Project

Use bright silver chain to create a fun, easy going bracelet that can be worn anywhere, anytime!

Verdigris Bracelet Project

1) Mix up 5ml of resin (using 2.5ml of each half) and add two drops of green resin and continue to mix. Use your stir stick to add the mixed resin to each of the cavities in the three copper frames. Set aside for the minute.2) Take the 5-1/2" length of chain and cut six sections that are two large links with a small twisted link in-between. Open twelve jump rings and use each to attach the large links of the cut sections of chain to two of the braided end bars. Set aside.3) Now, back to the resi

Rows of Fall Bracelet Project

1) Condition 2 yards worth of Wildfire cord with the Thread Heaven. Attach the needle and leave a 6-7" tail.2) Thread on a Crystal Pearl. After going through the pearl, thread on ten seed beads and go through the pearl again. Go back through the seed beads and the pearl for a second time. After exiting the pearl, thread on ten more seed beads and position these opposite of the first ten seed beads you threaded on. Go through the pearl and new set of seed beads twice. Upon exiting the pearl, thre

It's a Hoot Bracelet Project

Various large hole beads line the length of this fun to make and easy to wear bracelet.

Bright Spots Bracelet Project

Swarovski Neon Pearls give a POP of color to this woven hemp bracelet project.

Cool Cubes Bracelet Project

Bright Fuchsia and crisp Carribean Blue Opal Swarovski crystal pair together to create this vibrant bracelet.

Rejuvination Bracelet Project

Various hues of green Swarovski Round Crystals are lined up along a length of Memory Wire.

Candy Stripes Bracelet Project

Using two brightly colored silk ribbons, this bracelet is a bright and bold addition to your jewelry collection