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iron necklace

A simple necklace, made of iron wire.

Step 1: material and tools

Picture of material and tools

you just need a mandrel, snippers, round nose and flat pliers

Step 2: coil making

Picture of coil making
make a coil around the mandrel (can be iron, wood or any material), don't need to be precise

Step 3: cut circles

Picture of cut circles
cut a series of almost 2 coils (or one and three quarter coils)

Step 4: circles on end

Picture of circles on end
with round nose pliers make a circle at both extremities

Step 5: bend

Picture of bend
110905 082.jpg

with flat nose pliers bend the coil twice at half circle lenght

Step 6: insertion

Picture of insertion
110905 079.jpg
now let them enter in each other the way you see in the picture

Step 7: close the circle

Picture of close the circle
110905 081.jpg
close the circle so that it grasps the bend

Step 8: catch

Picture of catch
when you've added enough pieces, add a ring and a hook for closure

Step 9: variant

Picture of variant
instead of interlocking the pieces, if the end circle is wide enough, you can connect each piece with a small ring.