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Zina Sterling Silver Jewelry

About Zina Jewelry

Zina Sterling Silver jewelry is often described as versatile and eclectic, with a good dose of fun. Based in Beverly Hills, Zina Sherman, the daughter of Polish immigrants, has enjoyed success with her jewelry designs since 1984, and continues to produce her innovative creations today. Wearing a piece of Zina Silver jewelry is not just a style choice, it reflects a lifestyle. Whether it is a dressy or casual piece, a selection with or without gemstones, the energy and point of view of Zina Sterling Silver is as varied as the natural world, which itself is the source of so many of Zina's creative ideas for her jewelry designs.

Zina Sterling Silver Jewelry Design Philosophy

Recognized as an innovator in the world of designer jewelry, Zina Sherman's vision for Zina Sterling Silver jewelry when she began in 1984 was to create a range of designer jewelry styles encompassing the spectrum from classic to edgy to 'easy to wear'. Her collections intentionally appeal to men and women searching for superior quality and great fashion style in their jewelry purchases. Included in her lines are the "Sahara", "Ripples", "Swirl" and "Windows" collections name just a few. The fabulous award-winning assortment of designer jewelry at Zina Sterling Silver confirms her statement: "Sterling Silver...It's all we do, and we do it best."