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Wrapped Washer Necklaces

Which is why these embroidery floss wrapped washers are a perfect craft. Very adaptable to individual taste, super cheap to make and very fun.
Rummaging through our stockpile of crafting materials, I manage to fish out:

* variegated embroidery floss (more fun than single color!)
* a variety of washers  
* a ribbon for stringing

Step 2: Now you can be a wrap star!

Picture of Now you can be a wrap star!
Wrapped Washer Necklace 005.jpg
Wrapped Washer Necklace 006.jpg
Tie one end of the embroidery floss to the washer; trim down the excess. Start wrapping the floss around the washer, threading through the center. Keep the loops snugly against one another, unless you like the look of shiny metal peeping through your floss. Continue wrapping until washer is completely covered. Loop tail through the center and knot to finish the now-fabulous pendant.  
(For larger washers, try using yarn. It's all fuzzy and fun-looking!)

Step 3: (lather, rinse) Repeat!

Picture of (lather, rinse) Repeat!
Select another washer and a new color of floss and begin again. Or the same color of floss, if you are interested in a more monochromatic design. We opted for a rainbow of colors. Tie, wrap, tie again, hooray!

Step 4: Completion

Picture of Completion
We chose to tie the various pendants to unwrapped washers for a nicely-contrasting hard/soft look, spaced with other washers threaded onto a ribbon. This is the time to let your imagination run wild and use what you have lying around. Scrap jewelry! 

Step 5: Wearing your work with pride

Picture of Wearing your work with pride

You've created your glamorous new hardware necklace; tie it on and go enjoy your evening of dancing, reading, roller derby, or whatever suits your fancy!