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Wedding and Bridal Shower Gift Guide


Wedding season has arrived. Couples appreciate heartfelt gifts, whether chosen from their registry or somewhere just as special. To give you some gift ideas, we've compiled a list of our favorite wedding and bridal shower presents.

Dinnerware: To set the couple's table for years to come.

A cake stand, cheeseboard or decorative tray: To help them entertain family and friends.

An ice bucket, decanter, or high ball glasses: To stock their bar.

Flatware: For their many dinners together.

Gifts for the Wedding

Champagne flutes with a bottle of champagne: To toast their new life as a married couple.

Wine glasses and a bottle of wine harvested the year of their marriage: To celebrate their first, fifth or another milestone anniversary.

Picture frames: To capture the couple's favorite moments in time.

A vase: To add warmth and joy to their home with beautiful flowers.