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Wedding Hair Accessoire

I love making this flowers. This beautiful and unique flower is perfect for hair wedding accessoire and is on a budget!Also it can be used as a accessoire for clothes and etc.This flower is made with the japanese kanzashi technique. There are so many beautiful designs that can be created with this technique.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials

The materials for this flower are:

- Satin fabric

- Scissors

- Glue gun

- Half pearls

- Tweezers

- Lighter

- Pearl chain

- Felt

- Universal glue

- Clip of your choice

Step 2: Measurements and types of petals

Picture of Measurements and types of petals

For this flower you need to cut 24 squares.

For the first layer you will need 12 squares with measurements: 8x8cm / 3,1 inches

For the second layer you will need the same as for the first layer.

Step 3: Make the petals for the first layer