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Using an Acrylic Block and a Clear Rubber Stamp

Step 1

You will need paper, a clear acrylic block, ink and a clear rubber stamp.

Step 2

Place the clear stamp on the acrylic block flat side down. Use the grid to line up the stamp.

Step 3

Select placement on the paper before you ink the stamp.

Step 4

Ink the stamp by tapping the ink pad repeatedly onto the stamp from above.

Step 5

Carefully stamp onto your chosen paper. Tip: Practice stamping a couple of images onto scrap paper before you stamp the final image onto your chosen paper. This will help you gauge the amount of pressure you need to apply in order to get the perfect impression.

Step 6

Press the stamp down onto the paper to ensure a good impression.

Step 7

Congratulations! You have stamped an image onto paper using an acrylic block and clear rubber stamp.