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Using Wire Twisting Pliers

Step 1

Cut a piece of wire to twice the finished desired length plus 6 inches. We are using two pieces of wire in two different colors.

Step 2

If using more than one piece of wire, line up the ends of the wires.

Step 3

Double the wire by going through or around an anchored item. We are using the bracket from the Coiling Gizmo. You can use a table leg or a chair leg as well.

Step 4

Bring the ends of the wires together and squeeze them into the tip of the wire twisting plier.

Step 5

To lock the pliers, squeeze the handles together.

Step 6

Slide the silver latch down. This will lock the handles and jaw of the plier.

Step 7

Hold the plier in your left hand and the silver nob at the bottom of the plier in your right hand. The wire should be taut but do not pull too hard on the wire.

Step 8

Pull back on the nob while letting the plier rotate freely.

Step 9

Re-grasp the plier with your left hand.

Step 10

Release the silver nob from your right hand.

Step 11

Repeat steps 8-10 until the wire is twisted to your desired effect.

Step 12

To release the wire from the plier, squeeze the handles together.

Step 13

Cut the wire from the bracket.

Step 14

Congratulations, you have a beautifully twisted length of wire. Try using this in your coiling or wire wrapping projects.