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Using Smart Beads with Pandora Bracelet Chain


A smart bead is a large hole bead with a layer of silicone inside the hole. The silicone keeps the bead from moving along chain once it is strung.


Without smart beads, the large hole beads will slide around on the chain (A). Use smart beads as stoppers to keep your large hole beads in place on Interchangeable Large Hole Bead Chain (B).

Step 1

Completely remove the end cap without the clasp attachment by rotating it counter clockwise.

Step 2

String one smart bead onto the chain. The chain will fit snugly in the hole.

Step 3

Slide the smart bead along the chain. Place it where you want your section of beads to end.

Step 4

String your large hole beads.

Step 5

String a second smart bead onto the chain.

Step 6

Slide the smart bead down the chain so it sits close to your large hole beads.

Step 7

Put the end cap back onto the chain by rotating it clockwise. Make sure the end cap is screwed on tightly.

Step 8

Congratulations! You have successfully used smart beads with large hole bead chain.