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Using ICE Resin with a Photograph

Step 1

Pick out a pendant and punch or template. You can also trace around the pendant and cut the image out with scissors. We chose a 38mm round pendant with a 1 1/4" paper punch.

Step 2

Find a paper or image for the pendant. Move the paper punch over the paper until you have found the desired image and punch it out.

Step 3

You now have your desired image ready.

Step 4

Apply a thin coat of an glue inside the pendant.

Step 5

Lay the image into the pendant. Press the image into the pendant making sure that all of the edges are laying flat.

Step 6

Let the glue set for a few minutes.

Step 7

Always measure the resin and hardener in equal amounts. With a permanent marker, mark your measuring cup so the measurements you are using are easier to see. We have made our first mark at 1/4 fl. oz.

Step 8

With a permanent marker, make your second mark. The two measurements should now be of equal amounts. We have made our second mark at 1/2 fl. oz.

Step 9

Make sure the cup is resting on an even surface and pour the resin (part A) into the measuring cup filling it until the first marked line. We are filling it until the 1/4 fl. oz. marked line. At first the resin (part A) has a slight blue tint to it.

Step 10

Pour the hardener (part B) into the measuring cup filling it until the second marked line. We are filling it until the 1/2 fl. oz. marked line. At first the hardener (part B) has a slight yellow tint to it.

Step 11

Using a stir stick mix the resin and hardener together by folding very gently to avoid any bubbles.

Step 12

Continue mixing, making sure you scrape the sides of the measuring cup so the resin and hardener are completely mixed together. Mix for a minimum of two minutes. The resin will be clear when it is thoroughly mixed.

Step 13

Slowly begin to pour ICE Resin in the bezel pendant. If you would like to dome your piece, fill the bezel 3/4 of the way full. Otherwise, pour your ICE Resin to the top of the bezel pendant.

Step 14

Congratulations! You have created a unique ICE Resin piece to use in your jewelry designs.