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Using ICE Resin with a Mold

Step 1

Mix a small batch of resin. For more detailed instructions see Using ICE Resin with Bezel Pendants Technique.

Step 2

Pick your desired pigment or glitter and pour a small amount into the ICE Resin. We chose a Pearl EX Pigment to use with our ICE Resin.

Step 3

With a stir stick begin mixing the pigment into the ICE Resin.

Step 4

Keep stirring the pigment with the ICE Resin until it is completely mixed together.

Step 5

Pick your desired mold for your ICE Resin piece. We are using the assorted donut pendant resin mold.

Step 6

Begin slowly pouring your ICE Resin into the mold. You can fill your mold as little or as much as you would like. Make sure not to over fill your mold with ICE Resin by leaving a little bit of room at the top.

Step 7

After you have fillled your mold let the ICE Resin fully cure for a minimum of 3 days.

Step 8

After the ICE Resin has had time to cure carefully bend the flexible mold back and forth. This will help to easily release the resin piece from the mold.

Step 9

You can now easily pop the cured resin piece out of the mold.

Step 10

Congratulations! You have created an ICE Resin piece with a mold to use in your jewelry designs.