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Use beaded chain to make a classic Rosary – Rings and Things

Growing up Catholic, I always loved rosaries. Later in life, becoming a jewelry designer, it only made sense that…

Use beaded chain to make a classic Rosary

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Growing up Catholic, I always loved rosaries. Later in life, becoming a jewelry designer, it only made sense that I would want to make them. Even though rosaries are not jewelry, but rather a tool to aid in prayer, I have always loved the beauty of them. They can take some time to make from scratch, but luckily we offer beaded chain that makes creating a beautiful rosary easy. So check out the instructions below to see how to create this pretty rosary.

If you prefer to create a rosary the traditional way, see our Aventurine Rosary Tutorial that uses the 1-Step Looper. For a quick and easy short-cut to creating beautiful rosaries, continue below for how to make a rosary with pre-beaded chain.

Rosary with sterling silver crucifix.

Supplies needed for this project:

  • sterling silver crucifix
  • sterling silver rosary center
  • gunmetal eye pins
  • gunmetal jump rings
  • gunmetal and crystal beaded chain
  • 10mm faceted crystal rondelle beads

Tools needed:

  • Basic tool kit
  • Novacan Black
  • steel wool or polishing pads

Everything you need to make a beautiful rosary.

Dunk the sterling silver pieces into the Novacan Black solution. Allow them to blacken. Remove the silver from solution. Rinse them off.

Now that the pieces are antiqued they match the gunmetal finish of the beaded chain.

Use steel wool to rub off the surface of the patina. This will make the details really pop on the sterling silver pieces.

Place the 10mm crystal rondelles on the eyepins.

Clip the eyepins with your wire cutters about 8mm above each bead.

Make a loop at the top of each bead with your round nose pliers that matches the loop on the other side. You will now have 6 faceted rondelle links that you’ll use to attach your chain segments together.

Cut the beaded chain into 5 segments that have 10 beads each, plus one segment with 3 beads.

Attach 1 faceted rondelle link to the crucifix with a gunmetal jump ring.

Attach the 3-bead chain section to the top of that with another gunmetal jump ring.

Attach this to the bottom of the center rosary connector with a gunmetal jump ring. On each side of the rosary center, attach a 10-bead segment with another gunmetal jump ring.

To finish building the rosary, add a 10-bead segment of beaded chain, then a 10mm crystal rondelle bead link. Continue until you use all the parts and connect everything in the back to make one long loop.

Completed rosary.

I hope you enjoyed this rosary tutorial! The beaded chain really makes this project very quick and easy. Check out this other rosary tutorial below if you want to make the links yourself! ~Tiffany

Aventurine Rosary Tutorial by Rita Hutchinson