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Tungsten Education

Learn about tungsten and how to care for your palladium jewellery.
Brushed Finish with Polished Edge Wedding Ring in Classic Grey Tungsten Carbide (6mm)

Elemental Properties for Tungsten

Chemical Symbol = W
Atomic Number = 74

Unique in appeal and strong by design, tungsten carbide is a forged metal with qualities that will last a lifetime. Tungsten carbide jewellery is created from an alloy of 80% elemental Tungsten and 20% Carbon alloyed with other metals.

We offers two colours of tungsten carbide rings, a classic grey and a lustrous white, both of which will hold a permanent polish. Tungsten is exceptionally strong, hypoallergenic, highly scratch-resistant, and tarnish-resistant with a substantial feel in weight. It is ideally suited for someone with an active lifestyle.


Since tungsten and carbon are natural elements, this jewellery will be affected by harsh chemicals such as chlorine or other cleaning products. We recommend that you remove your jewellery when using chemicals to reduce daily abrasions and prolong the polish. To clean tungsten carbide jewellery, use a solution of warm water and detergent-free soap with a soft cloth. When not worn, store your tungsten pieces in soft cloth bags or the original box to protect them from the elements of daily exposure.


The tungsten alloy used in jewellery is extremely hard, so it does not scratch easily. If scratched, the jewellery piece will need special reconditioning.

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