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The Scrappy bag

What to do with all that scrap yarn? Why make a bag!

Step 1: Supplies

- Scrap Yarn
- Light weight water soluble stabilizer
- Fabric for straps and lining of bag
How much you need of these items depends on the size of the bag you are making.
You will also need to use a sewing machine.

Step 2: Cut!

- Decide the size of the bag.
- Cut out two pieces of light weight water-soluble stabilizer double the length of the purse. This is so you can fold it in half and have the material on both sides of the yarn.
- Cut the lining to the same size as one of the pieces of the light weight water-soluble stabilizer pieces.
- The straps we cut to be about 2 inches in width. at whatever length you desire.

Step 3: Laying the Strings

Laying the Strings
- Lay strings of yarn all over on half of the light weight water-soluble stabilizer. You could lay it down in a pattern but we just laid them all over in coordinating colors. Have completely covered on that half.
- Once you have the desired amount of yarn. Fold the water-soluble stabilizer over to cover both sides of yarn. Pin in place.
- Repeat with second piece of light weight water-soluble stabilizer.

Step 4: Sew Yarn

Sew Yarn
Sew the yarn to the light weight water-soluble stabilizer. For ours we found it worked best to work in a square to the center. Then finished it off with and X for extra security.

Step 5: Soak

Once Both pieces are sewn soak them in warm water and rub them until they are no longer sticky feeling. Then let dry overnight.

Step 6: Sew Fabric

While it drys, sew the lining and handles for the bag.

Step 7: Assemble

With dry yarn fabric sew in lining and and strap. A tip from my friend Amanda: have lining face up as you sew so yarn doesn't get caught in the foot.
Now you have a brand new, unique, bag.