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Stars And Stripes Necklace

A quick DIY on how to put a chain on your Stars and Stripes focal piece. No glue and no wait time required!

Step 1: Tools


To continue, you'll need:

1.) Jump Rings - Circular hoops used to connect pieces to chains and other fittings. Can be purchased from local craft store or online.

2.) Chain - can be substituted with a cord, string, strap, etc. In this case, I used the pliers to unlink the chain, separating it into two pieces. If using cord, string, strap, etc. The focal piece can simply be tied on, rendering the jump rings unnecessary.

3.) Clasp - if the chain doesn't already come with it. Can be used with cord, strings, straps, etc.

4.) Pliers - (or jewelry pliers) can be purchased at most local retailers or online. Not needed if jump rings or linked chains not being used.

Step 2: Open the Jump Rings

Open the Jump Rings

Use the pliers to pry the jump rings open.

To do this, I stuck the nose of the pliers into the jump ring and pulled the pliers open.

Step 3: Link


1.) Hook the foremost chain link around the open jump ring.

2.) Do the same with the focal piece.

Step 4: Close Tight

Close Tight

With everything linked, use the pliers to squeeze the jump ring closed.

Make sure that the chain links can't slip out through a gap in the jump ring.  You may need to manipulate the jump ring so that the ends overlap slightly to keep things from falling apart.