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St. Patrick’s Day – Shamrock Craft

Get in the Irish spirit and make these kids Shamrock crafts for St. Patrick's Day fun.

St. Patrick’s Day – Shamrock Craft

What you need

8 1/2" x 11" Paper or Cardstock
Clear Tape
Markers or Crayons


1.  Cut out 5 long rectangles from the paper or cardstock.  Make sure all of the rectangles are the same size.

2.  Color one side of each rectangle with markers or crayons.

3.  Fold each rectangle in half lengthwise with the colored side facing out.

4.  Fold and tape 4 rectangles as shown making each one into a heart shape.

Shamrock Step 1

5.  Fold 5th rectangle in half making it shorter.  Tape ends together to make a “stem”.

6.  Tape 2 hearts to top of stem as shown.

Shamrock Step 2

7.  Tape last 2 hearts to stem as shown.  Bend heart shapes to make four leaf clover.

Shamrock Step 3