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Ship Internationally with Global Ecommerce

Gets.Com have  connected with Global Ecommerce to ship our merchandise quickly, securely and hassle-free. The process is actually quite simple: just go to our website and choose your country and currency. You'll be able to calculate the duties and taxes before you check out. What's more, we guarantee the landed costs when you make a purchase, so there will be no surprise charges at the time of delivery. And in keeping true to the Ross-Simons value premise, our international shipping rates are as low as possible. Find out more details on our international landing page.

It's easier than ever to send gifts internationally. If you live in the US and want to send a gift abroad, we will provide you with a guaranteed order total. Or if you are an American living or traveling abroad, you can pay in US dollars with a credit card and have our merchandise shipped anywhere in the world. Bargain-lovers rejoice!