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Several Bracelets in One – assembled in Fold-Over End Caps

Learn the specific method of bracelets on loopdedoo from our Beads.How. Surely every one loves this newest and hottest loopdedoo kit jewelries making very much. Why not get started DIY from this project?


This bracelet is composed of six individual bracelets made using different techniques; plaiting, braiding and weaving on aLoopDeDoo spinning tool and a bead loom. All the bracelets are assembled into one bracelet using a fold-over end cap at each end.

Three Types of Bracelets on a LoopDeDoo

Make a bracelet on the LoopDeDoo spinning tool. Detailed instructions and demonstration video illustrating the threading techniques are included. 

1.A twisted bracelet: Wrap the macramé cords around the LoopDeDoo device and keep the looping cord tight with one hand (holding the hand close to the bracelet). Turn the handle with the other hand.

2.A braided bracelet with rhinestones: Attach a doubled-over piece of macramé cord onto the hooks. Place the rhinestone jewellery chain on top and secure it with a piece of yellow macramé cord. NB: Braid a couple of knots after each rhinestone. See idea number 12499 for further instructions. 

3.A plaited bracelet: attach three doubled-over pieces of macramé cord onto the LoopDeDoo device and plait to a desired length. NB: make sure that the cords lie flat whilst plaiting. 

A Bracelet woven on a Bead Loom

Thread the beam loom following the enclosed instructions. Use a beading needle and rocaille seed beads when weaving. You may draw the pattern on a piece of graph paper beforehand. See idea number 12858 for further instructions.

A Bracelet with Clay Beads

Thread Indian beads onto a piece of elastic beading cord using a beading needle.

Assemble all the bracelets into one bracelet

Trim all the ends and secure with glue. 

2.Apply glue on both inner sides of a fold-over end cap. Place each end of the assembled bracelets inside the fold-over end cap (with one end cap at either end of the bracelet). 

3.Use flat nose pliers and carefully squeeze the fold-over end caps together

4. Attach an oval ring at one end of the fold-over end cap. Attach an oval ring with a lobster claw clasp at the other end of the bracelet.