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Setting Up the Saw Blade in the Saw Frame

Step 1

Open the jaw of the saw frame at point A to a length approximately 10mm shorter than the length of the saw blade. Tighten the nut at point A.

Step 2

Insert the saw blade into the open top nut of the frame at point B. Tighten the nut to close.

Step 3

Make sure the saw blade teeth are facing outwards and pointing down towards the handle.

Step 4

Rest the end of the saw frame handle in your non dominant hand, and rest the top edge of the saw frame against the side of the work table or jewelers bench.

Step 5

Push the top edge of the saw against the side of your work table using your non dominant hand, to slightly shorten the length of the jaw.

Step 6

With the jaw shortened, use your dominant hand to place the end of the blade into the lower nut (point C), and tighten.

Step 7

Release the pressure on the handle. The saw blade should be taut in the frame. It should make a sound when plucked. The saw is now ready to use.