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Rosette Barrettes

A simple hair clip for making. It just spend you about ten minutes. Just do it now. You will get happy from this.

Step 1: Create a Gathered Stitch

Create a Gathered Stitch
Thread your needle and double the thread, knotting at the end. Fold the ribbon in half width-wise. Take several stitches on one end of the doubled ribbon, tucking the end under as you stitch. Create a running or gather stitch along the cut edge of the ribbon to the end of the ribbon. Take care that your stitches are similar in length to one-another.

Step 2: Create Rosette

Create Rosette
Pull the thread gently to create gathers in the ribbon. The ribbon will curl up as you gather it. Roll one end of the ribbon up and take several stitches along the base to secure the rosette. Continue rolling and stitching the ribbon until all the ribbon is rolled into the flower shape.

Step 3: Attach 6mm bead and seed beads

Attach 6mm bead and seed beads
Pass your needle through the back of the flower to the front and stitch through the center of the 6 mm bead. Add seed beads to the flower by stitching them singly or in groups of 3 or 5 around the face of the flower.

Step 4: Attach Rosette to the Barrette

Attach Rosette to the Barrette
Place the rosette on the barrette, centered over the hole in the end of the barrette. Stitch the rosette through the hole and around the barrette as shown. Take care not to let your stitches show on the face of the flower.
To create a rough-edge flower barrette stitch the gathering stitches through the folded edge of the ribbon.