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Riveting Using Compression Rivets

Step 1

If you want the tag link to be centered, first measure the width of the bracelet and mark the center to ensure correct placement of the tag link.

Step 2

Place the tag link at the center of the bracelet. Mark both of the holes with a marker.

Step 3

Lay the leather bracelet down onto the Poly Cutting Board. You will be using the 5/64" punch, which is the smallest punch in the leather punch set. Using a 1 lb brass hammer, hit the top of the leather punch with one or two good hard blows or until you have punched through the leather.

Step 4

Repeat step 3 to punch the second hole into the leather bracelet.

Step 5

To rivet the tag link to the leather bracelet, set a post component through one of the holes from the underside of the leather.

Step 6

Place a rivet cap onto post and squeeze the two components gently to engage. Set post onto the dot anvil (flat side up).

Step 7

Place the concave side of the rivet setter tool over the rivet cap. Using a 1 lb brass hammer, hit the top of the rivet setter tool with one solid blow.

Step 8

Repeat steps 5-7 for the other side of the tag link. Congratulations! You have completed your riveted piece.