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Rings Guide

Although many people's minds leap to engagements and weddings when they think of rings, this versatile jewelry piece has been used throughout history as a means of identification, to carry a family crest or seal, or to denote love and respect. The perfect circle of a ring symbolizes the eternity of life and the cycles of the Earth, making it an ideal presentation for special life occasions.

Wedding Rings

Wedding Rings

Meant to commemorate one of the major transitions in your life, the sacred bond of marriage, your wedding ring may be the most significant jewelry purchase of your life.

Although engagement rings are more often worn by women than men, wedding rings are normally exchanged during the ceremony and are worn by both partners to signify their commitment to one another.

In some cultures, wedding rings feature symbols, such as the Irish Claddagh ring or the trinity of interconnected rings used in Russian Catholic weddings. In the U.S., the wedding band is traditionally one piece, with no seam, representing the eternal unity of marriage.

Women's Wedding Rings

Women's Wedding Rings

Wedding rings made solely of platinum, yellow gold, or white gold are traditionally used for wedding ceremonies, and can be selected or specially designed to match almost any engagement ring. In many cases, couples choose to coordinate the women’s wedding ring with the groom’s ring.

For brides who prefer a more extravagant look, more elaborate women's rings can be set with diamonds or a combination of diamonds and gemstones. With eternity rings, diamonds or gemstones are often wrapped entirely around the ring. In another variation, a few stones may be set in a row or in a unique pattern. In addition to wedding ceremonies, these are often given as anniversary gifts. Diamonds vary widely in size, cut, color, and clarity, and the selection of high-quality stones is essential to the appearance and longevity of your wedding ring.

Whatever metal, gemstones, and setting you choose for your wedding ring, it should be comfortable and should reflect your personal style.

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