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Right Angle Weave Bead

Step 1

Cut a piece of thread about 3 feet long, and thread your needle.

Step 2

String four beads.

Step 3

Bring the beads down toward the end of your thread, leaving a three-inch tail. Go back through bead A (shown darker). This will create a ring of beads.

Step 4

Pass your needle back around the ring of beads (B, C, D) and exit again from bead A.

Step 5

String three beads.

Step 6

Go back through bead A.

Step 7

Go through beads B and C.

Step 8

String three beads.

Step 9

Go back through bead C.

Step 10

Go back through bead D and bead A.

Step 11

You now have a strip of right angle weave three stitches wide.

Step 12

Fold the strip so the two ends are next to each other. bead C and bead A should be side-by-side.

Step 13

String one bead.

Step 14

To connect the strip of right angle weave into a bead, go up through bead C. Pull the thread taut.

Step 15

String one bead.

Step 16

Go down through bead A. Pull the thread taut. You now have a four-sided bead.

Step 17

The bead is not stiff and needs to be reinforced. To reinforce the bead, go through bead B, bead C, bead D and then bead A again.

Step 18

Rotate the bead.

Step 19

Continue reinforcing each side of the right angle weave bead several times to make the bead stiff.

Step 20

Once all of the sides have been reinforced, cut the thread.

Step 21

Congratulations, you have successfully completed a right angle weave beaded bead!