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Revamp Old Jewelry

Super easy how to revamp your jewelry!I love wearing accessories. But because they're not gold or silver so over the time they get discolored.This is one way to revamp old discolored jewelry so you can wear them again.Here I use my old stud earrings, but you can apply this on anything, even use few different colors.Be creative!

Step 1: What You Need

Picture of What You Need
1. Your old jewelry or (bead and pins)
2. Something to stick your jewelry into -- here I use rubber eraser for my stud earrings
3. Nail polish, any color
4. Top coat or clear nail polish. Optional, if you don't have it's ok.

Step 2: Stick It!

Picture of Stick It!
Put the earring on the rubber eraser

Step 3: Paint It!

Picture of Paint It!
Time to use the nail polish
Now my stud earrings looks like a mini disco ball.

Step 4: Glaze It!

Picture of Glaze It!
Can't really tell the difference before and after the top coat/clear nail polish application, but this makes the nail color last longer.
Let it dry and they're ready to wear again!

Step 5:     

Picture of Taaadaaa!