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Quilled Fusion Earring

Jhumkas and silk sarees are traditional South Indian attire for weddings and grand occasions. The Jhumka is quilled into domes and attached using beads and danglers. The crystals and the flower shaped beads are chosen based on the color of the dress and user preference. These earrings are very lightweight and waterproof.

Step 1: Materials required

Materials required

- Quilling strips of 3mm width of following colours:

  • Sandal, Maroon, Black - 14cms long (2 nos. each)
  • Maroon, Sandal - 28 cms long (2 nos. each)
  • Black - 56 cms long (2 nos.)

- Glue - Fevicol and Mod podge(Gloss)

- Dome shape mould

- Wire cutter

- Scissor

- Round-nose pliers

- Embellishments:

  • Hoop earrings - 2
  • Yellow tear drop crystal - 2
  • Red and black crystals
  • Stone-studded spacer
  • Headpins flat head

Step 2: Rolling into a tight coil

Rolling into a tight coil

1. Join the strips together in the order mentioned below:

- Sandal, Maroon, Black (14cms long)

- Maroon, Sandal (28 cms long)

2. Add the 56 cm long black strip to the beginning of the sandal strip. The black is joined to the beginning of the sandal strip

3. Roll the strips into a tight coil and glue the end

Step 3: Mould into a dome shape


1. As illustrated in the video, mould the tight coil into a dome shape

2. Glue the hollow portion of the dome with Fevicol

3. Allow the dome to dry completely, thereby making it sturdy

Step 4: Waterproofing the dome

Waterproofing the dome

Apply Mod Podge glossy glue throughout the dome and allow to dry completely

This will waterproof the quilled dome and will add a glossy finish to the earring

Step 5: Adding the embellishments

Adding the embellishments

- Enhance the beauty of the earring by adding the beads to the headpins

- The danglers and beads may be attached as preferred

- To the hoop earring, attach the crystals and flower shaped spacers

Step 6: Flaunt your Jhumka

Flaunt your Jhumka

Your Jhumkas are ready to be flaunted at parties and weddings.

Refer to the attached pictures for more Jhumka designs and ideas.

I hope you enjoyed my instructables on quilled Jhumka earrings

Happy Quilling!