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Quick And Simple Braided Headband

Need a quick idea for a summertime hairstyle? How about just adding a DIY braided headband to your current look?! This will take you all of 10 minutes to make, and it’s so fun to wear!

Supplies needed to make your own DIY braided headband:

  • 1 Package Darice Accessory Loops (you can also make your own t-shirt yarn)
  • Brooch/Pendant or other jewelry embellishment with a pin backing (I used thisStyled by Tori Spelling Coral Flower Pendant)
  • Scissors

Take three accessory loops and cut them in half so that you have 3 equal strands. If you’re using t-shirt yarn, just start off by cutting 3 pieces of yarn that are 3 feet long each.

Tie a loose knot at one end of the loops, leaving a 3-inch tail of loose strands. Braid the entire length of fabric. If you’re sitting down, hold the ends taut between your knees to make the braiding easier.

Braided DIY headband - Crafts Unleashed 02

When you get to the end, tie another loose knot. Take your braided band, and wrap it around your head twice, so that you know how long you need it to be. Mark that length. Tie a square knot with the fabric’s ends, making sure your knot ends up in the spot you just marked.

Trim off the excess fabric.

Braided DIY headband - Crafts Unleashed 03

Keep your braided fabric doubled up as 2 loops. Hold the pieces directly opposite from the knot together.

Braided DIY headband - Crafts Unleashed 04

Unfasten your pin and carefully pin both pieces together. Do not pierce the fabric all the way through, so that the underside of the brooch isn’t exposed to your skin when you wear the braided headband.

Braided DIY headband - Crafts Unleashed 05

And you’re done! It’s as easy at that!

Braided DIY headband 2- Crafts Unleashed

You can also try wearing your braided headband as a necklace or bracelet!