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Queen of the Ocean Jewelry Set

Ocean colors from the beautiful seed beads create a cool complement to the Bermuda Blue Swarovski Crystal Queen Baguette pendants showcased within this jewelry set. Wire spirals made with Artbeads Designer Wire on both the necklace and earrings tops off the look, making it worthy of royalty!

Step one:
Create a tubular herringbone strand approximately 16 inches long using the Seaside Designer Seed Bead Blend. For help creating the tubular herringbone stitch, please see our Mini Tutorial Video featuring Leslie Rogalski.

Step two:
Using the Wubbers bail making pliers, create three 10mm jump rings with the 20 gauge Artbeads Designer Wire in Gold and Ocean Blue. Learn how to make jump rings with Wubbers pliers by watching this video. Create a wire spiral out of the Gold Wire. You can learn how to make wire spirals with this Handy Tip. Glue a Swarovski SS9 XILION rose enhanced flatback in Light Turquoise into the center of the spiral and allow to dry. Thread the three jump rings through the stringing hole of the Swarovski 38x10mm Queen Baguette pendant in Crystal Bermuda Blue. Dangle the wire spiral from the three jump rings, in front of the pendant. Thread your pendant onto your tubular herringbone strand.

Step three:
Insert a 2-inch satin Hamilton gold-plated 20 gauge eye pin into the end of your tubular herringbone strand. You can weave your needle and thread through and around the loop of the eye pin and back into the beads to make sure it stays in place. String a TierraCast 6mm gold-plated brass cupola cord end cap onto the end of the eye pin and over the end of the beads. You can glue it in place for added security. String a Swarovski 4mm XILION bicone in Tanzanite AB 2x onto the eye pin and create a simple loop. See our Simple Loop Handy Tip for help with this technique. Repeat this step on the other end of the necklace.

Step four:
Cut a foot-long length of 6.8mm antique brass double-link cable chain in half. Attach one half to each end of the tubular herringbone strand. Use the loop of the eye pin to attach the chain to the necklace. Add the 12x7mm antique brass-plated trigger clasp to one end and your necklace is complete.


Step one:
Create a wire spiral using Gold wire. Glue a flatback into place in the center and allow to dry.

Step two:
Use the round earwire finding form to create your earwire with Ocean Blue wire. Add a Swarovski 13.5x6mm Queen Baguette pendant in Crystal Bermuda Blue to the small loop at the bottom of the earwire. Dangle your wire spiral in front of the pendant. Repeat steps one and two to create the other earring in the set.