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Pyramid Earring


pretty paper beads. Make sure to make an array of colors and also various sizes,will need some small ones for the top of the triangle.

An anvil

16 gauge gold jewelry wire. About 1 foot.

22 gauge gold jewelry wire. About 2 yards.

gold jump rings

closed earrings

gold beads

needle nose pliers/metal cutters

a hammer

1. Cut 6 of the 16 gauge gold wire, and pound flat with a anvil.

2. Measure 2 1/4 from either end and mark with a washable marker.

3. Bend at marked points with your fingers to make a nice straight triangle.

4. With your pliers, make small loops on both ends (facing back).

5. Now with the 22 gauge wire, wrap around one side near the top several times until secure. Use your pliers to tighten and flatten the edge down against the frame.

6. String one small paper bead on, and then wrap around several times on opposite side of frame.  If your first coil wrapped over the frame, wrap your second coil under, in order to weave the wire from front to back and vice versa.

7. Continue threading paper and gold beads back and forth througth the triangle frame, wrapping several times between rows.  Just throw in a gold bead when you feel like it. Gauge the size of beads and number or gold ones with the space you have between the frame.  You want the beads to fill the space, but not to fit tightly.  Avoid weaving the rows to closely together as well.

8. When you reach the bottom, wrap around the bottom corner several times to secure, and then cut the wire and tighten/flatten against the frame with your pliers.

9. Attach jump rings to both loopies, and then one more (I used a slightly larger one) to connect the first two. Attach a closed earring to the top jump ring.