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Princess Baby Lacy Shawl

This baby shawl pattern is a vintage pattern and may use vintage terms. It was originally published by Fleisher Yarn Co in Fleischer Fashions, Volume 75, in 1946 in a set.

Princess Baby Lacy Shawl

What you need

Approximate Size 25 by 29 inches
Gauge: 6 Sts = 1 inch
9 Rows = 1 inch
With size 4 needles and Baby Zephyr 4-fold wool Approx 8 balls


Cast on 149 Sts.

Seed st border -k 1, * p 1, k 1; repeat from * to end. Repeat this Row until 20 Rows.

Next Row-Work seed st on 11 Sts for side border, place marker on needle, p 127 Sts, place marker on needle, work last 11 Sts seed st for side border.

Begin diamond pattern-First Row (right side)-Work 11 Sts seed st, k 7, * p 1, k 7; repeat from * to marker, work last 11 Sts seed st. Continue working 11 Sts each side in seed st and the Sts between markers in diamond pattern until there are 30 pattern Rows.

31st Row-Work 11 Sts seed st; turn, work 11 Sts seed st again (2 short Rows); turn, work 11 Sts seed st, work 15th pattern Row to within 11 Sts of end, work 11 Sts seed st.

Work 2 short Rows on 11 border Sts as for other side, then work next pattern Row working 11 Sts seed st each side as usual.

Continue pattern with seed st border at each side, repeating short Rows on border every 31st and 32nd Row. Work until 14 patterns from beginning, end with 16th pattern Row. Work first 2 Rows of next pattern.

Next Row -Work border, k 127 Sts, work border. Work all Sts in seed st for 19 rows. Bind off in seed st. Steam. Embroider as illustrated.

This pattern has not recently been tested.