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Presents Birthday Bow

Are you ready for this project of Presents Birthday Bow?

1 1/2″ Grosgrain Ribbon
7/8″ Grosgrain Ribbon
3/8″ Grosgrain Ribbon
a small square of foam
Needle and Thread
Rotary cutter 
Glue gun and Glue sticks
Fray Check or a lighter
Start out by cutting the white (or whatever color you choose) 7/8″ ribbon.
You’ll need to cut three 5 1/2″ strips and four 3″ strips.

Seal your edges with Fray Check.

Or singe with a lighter.

As I began brainstorming about what kind of bow to make
(one that would let everyone know it was Daisey’s birthday, mind you)
it occurred to me to make a birthday present.
My first thought was to wrap a Jenga block in ribbon.
Then, I thought about her tripping and falling on her head.
A Jenga block would really hurt!
What would cushion her little blonde head in case of a fall?
Something soft and “pillow like”.
Foam, of course! Thank goodness I had some!

My dad laughed at me when I rescued the foam pieces from the trash after he made the mattresses for the girls’ doll beds. Who’s laughing now?

I’ll admit, I’m a pack rat. But, it often comes in handy, especially in crafting!

If you do not have any foam on hand you can find it at most stores
(craft stores, home improvement stores, etc.)

Begin gluing the end of the foam.

Don’t laugh at my glue gun! Old Blue is 12 years old and still truckin! Barely…

Glue down one of the four 3″ strips of ribbon.
You’re going to be gluing 2 strips down, so be sure to leave room by starting on the side.

Glue a second ribbon on to the foam.
Glue it next to and overlapping the first ribbon.

Turn the block over and repeat the gluing process.

Now that you have both ends glued down wrap the ribbon ends around the foam.

Using one of the 5″ strips of ribbon you want to cover the 3″ ribbon ends and all the way around the foam block. Add hot glue a little bit at a time, wrapping the ribbon as you go.

After you’ve wrapped the ribbon all the way around add more glue and hold tight to secure it.

Do the same on the other side of the foam block.
For instance, I started gluing on the left side of the block, so I will glue on the right side next.

Make sure to glue and pinch sides so there are no gaps between the ribbon and the foam.

Finish up the foam block by gluing the third piece of ribbon down the middle.

Now “wrap your present” using the black 3/8″ ribbon.
Attach the ribbon to the front of the present with a small dot of hot glue.

Repeat with a second strip of ribbon.

Make sure the ribbon is secure on the top and the bottom.

I thought about just tying the black ribbon into a bow.
Then, I decided that korkers were more fun! And, so cute!
When I make korkers I don’t just make a couple.
I get out all of my dowels and all of my clothespins so I can make a whole “batch” of korkers
for future bows and projects.
The Ribbon Retreat offers free instructions on how to make Korker bows.
Click the link to learn how to make them.

Make sure you’ve cut and sealed your korker ribbons so that they don’t fray.

There are a few different ways to secure the korkers.
I like to sew mine together with a needle and thread.

I didn’t count how many korker ribbons I used. It’s really up to you.

When you feel like your korker bow looks complete sew through all the layers of ribbon
2 or 3 times, then knot your thread and tie off.
After sewing the korker ribbons together I decided they were too big for the present.
So, I trimmed them down and re-sealed them.

Using a new strand of thread, knot and anchor it down to the present before you attach the korker.

Pinching the korker ribbon ends together (so they don’t get tangled in the thread as you’re sewing)
sew through the bottom of the korker.

Sew through the korker bow 2 or 3 more times to anchor it to the present. Tie off.

Oh! It’s so cute and tiny!

This is when I decided to make a headband instead of a bow.

Why? I really don’t know. Sometimes I just let my creative side take over
and throw the plan out the window. I’m trying to get better at this,
but remember there are no rules in crafting. Just be creative!

Gather together your headband and 1 1/2″ Pink/Black Polka Dots Ribbon.

Glue the ribbon down a little at a time, smoothing it as you go.
Leave a 2-3″ tail on both sides. You’re going to need it to fold under the headband.

Flip the headband over and begin gluing the ribbon down 2-3″ past the top ribbon.

Fill in the gaps with hot glue, smoothing the ribbon as you go.

I was going to just fold the top ribbon under but decided to trim the ribbon down in an angle instead.
Again, that creative side takes over and I go with it!
Make sure to seal the edges of the cut ribbon or they will fray.

Now, glue long top ribbon under the headband over the bottom ribbon.

Here I went a little crazy with the hot glue, but it’s a big piece of foam so we want it to stay.

You want to hold the foam present down for a long time
to make sure the glue is dry and the foam is secure.

Daisey would be mortified if her headband fell apart at school!

I used clothespins to hold it down because the glue was hot and my fingers didn’t like it.

I let it sit for a few minutes just to be sure it would stay.

Remove the clothespins. Tug at it a little bit.
If it feels loose at all you need more glue.

Otherwise it’s finished and ready for your birthday girl!