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Polymer Clay – Chocolate Block

For this polymer clay project you will need 1 block of dark brown, or cream color if you prefer a white chocolate block.

Polymer Clay – Chocolate Block

What you need

Dark Brown polymer clay Or Fimo


Start by working your clay until it is soft and form it into a rectangle black around 1/2 an inch thick.

Using a knife or metal skewer score and indent the lines to form the individual pieces of chocolate onto the block.

To create the bite mark you can free form it with your knife or do what we did and take a bite. (remember to brush your teeth after you finish to remove any clay, though it’s non toxic)

Once you are happy with the shape, pack it as to the manufactures instructions on your clay packet.

You can finish it off with a nice coat of varnish and either pop a magnet onto the back for a fridge magnet or use it as a tempting paper weight.