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Picture Frames - Using Amazing Glaze

Step 1

Find a picture or design for the frame.

Step 2

Move the template over the image until you have found desired placement. Use a pencil to trace the template.

Step 3

Cut out the image with a pair of scissors or an art knife.

Step 4

Apply a thin coat of an adhesive to the picture frame.

Step 5

Lay the image into the picture frame.

Step 6

Let the glue set for a few minutes.

Step 7

Fill the frame completely with Amazing Glaze. Place the frame on a tray to catch any excess powder.

Step 8

Make sure there is an even layer of powder in the frame. Shake or wipe off any excess powder. Do not over fill the frame or the glaze will spill over the edges.

Step 9

Set frame on an aluminum foil covered baking tray. Insert tray into a pre-heated oven or toaster oven - preheat to 275'.

Step 10

Watch the frame closely. The powder will become translucent. When all of the powder has changed to clear, it is done. This process should take about 3-20 minutes (depending on how large the bezel and how much glaze is used).

Step 11

Using an old pair of chain nose pliers, carefully pull the frame off of the tray. Let the frame rest on a heat resistant surface until cool - approximately 15 minutes.

Step 12

Congratulations! You have created a unique picture frame piece to use in your jewelry designs.