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Pearl Size

Pearl size knowledge, how pearl size effect value of pearls and methods to measure pearl size.

We know that the larger the size, the higher the price. But price jumps between pearl sizes are often uneven. As the size reach the 8 - 9mm or above, pearl prices tend to increase much higher.

According to CIBJO (The world Jewelry Confederation) The Pearl Book, different pearls are measured by different methods with different minimum units' expression.

Pearl size measuring methods:

Pearl SizePearl Size

Pearl Size Description

Single Pearl

Round shape: average diameter
Fancy shape: maximum diameter, maximum length
Pearl size: < 10mm, expressed to the nearest 0.25mm
>,=10mm, expressed to the nearest 0.1mm

Graduated Strands

Maximum diameter of the largest pearl and the smallest pearl on the strand
Pearl size:expressed to the nearest 0.1mm

Uniform strand

Stated as the minimum size
Pearl size:expressed to one half(0.5)mm variations
e.g. 7.0-7.5mm