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Paracord Medallion Pendant

If you are a paracord or ropework enthusiast, then you will enjoy making this pendant.

To make this you will need a few supplies: Paracord 550, a metal ring and in my case a rope thimble.                                                                                                                             

Step 1: Prepare your supplies

Picture of Prepare your supplies

Step 2: Make an overhand knot

Picture of Make an overhand knot

Step 3: Make a series of half hitches

Picture of Make a series of half hitches
Start making hitches as shown in the images.

Step 4: Make half hitches on the other side

Picture of Make half hitches on the other side
Same process, different side.

Step 5: Make a lanyard/diamond knot

Picture of Make a lanyard/diamond knot
This knot is also sometimes called a friendship knot.

Step 6: Insert a rope thimble

Picture of Insert a rope thimble
Insert a rope thimble into the loop to make it look nice and smoother.