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Paper Bracelet

In this instructable you can read how to make a bracelet from an old book, copper wire and some steel wire.

Step 1: Materials




  • Steel rod
  • Wood glue
  • Tape
  • Diagonal Cutter
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Round-nose pliers
  • Exacto knife

    Step 2: Cut the copper wire

    Cut the copper wire

    Cut with a diagonal Cutter two pieces of copper wire. Each piece hase to be about 170 mm long.

    Tip: Use 170 mm only for someone with a small wrist. For someone with thicker wrists the length of the copper wire must be increased.

    Cut also 19 small pieces of copper wire. Eache peache has to about 60 mm long.

    Tip: You need more smallpieces of copper wire if you are increasing the length of the bracelet.

    Step 3: Loop


    Take the two long pieces of copper wire and make a loop at the end with a round-nose pliers. With some tape of about 15 mm thick, I mark the round-nose plier.

    Now take the 19 small pieces of copper wire and make here also a loop at the end. With some tape of about 20 mm thick, I mark the round-nose plier.

    Make from one of the two long pieces an omega form withe the round-nose pliers and the needle nose pliers . Measur if the shape of the copper wire fits around your wrist. If not bend the copper wire until it fits loosely around your wrist.

    At the end of the omega shape you make a loop, but don't close the loop just yet.

    Do the same with the other long piece of copper wire.

    Step 4: Steel wire

    Steel wire

    Cut 2 m of steel wire and wind this around one of the omega forms.

    First take a piece of steel wire on put this on the omega shape. Now wind the steel wire around the small piece of steel wire and the omega shape.

    Make a small knot at the end of the steel wire.

    Do the same with the other omega shape.

    Step 5: Paper rolls

    Paper rolls

    Cut some pages from an old book with an exacto knife. Now cut two blank sides and top of the page away.

    To make the paper rolls, I cut a 20 mm wide strip from the paper page. Roll the strip around a steel rod and put some glue (I used wood glue) on the end of the strip. Let the paper roll dry for a few minutes. Make a total of 18 paper rolls.

    Step 6:


    Place the paper rolls on the small pieces of copper wire and make a loop at the end of the copper wire.

    Do this a total of 18 times for the paper rolls and once for a brass rod. (The brass rod I found among some old brass scrap). If you don't have a brass rod then you may use something else. Otherwise, you can just use a paper roll.

    Step 7: The bracelet

    The bracelet

    Place the two omega shapes next to each other and slide a paper roll on the side of the open loops over the omega shapes. Place 9 paper rolls, a brass rod and then 9 paper rolls.

    Now you can close the two open loops and your paper bracelet is ready for use.

    I hope you enjoy the project and don't forget to vote!
    - Thank You!