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Painted Wood Earring



Paint brush

Wooden earrings

Washi Tape

Gloss Mod Podge

Foam sponge applicator

Earring hooks

1. Begin by painting the front and back of the earrings in one solid color. Do as many coats as it takes and let dry completely.

2. Mark off an area on the front of each with washi tape. Be sure the washi tape is pressed down well with no air bubbles to prevent paint bleed. Paint the secondary color in between the washi tape. Let dry completely and remove the washi tape.

3. Flip earrings to back side. Matching paint lines on front, apply washi tape to back of earrings. Paint completely and let dry.

If the hole in the top of the earring is covered at this step, push a pin or needle through it to ensure that it is open.

Using the foam applicator sponge, apply Gloss Mod Podge over entire earring front and back. Let dry. I applied a second coat, as well. Let all coats completely, preferably for a 24 hour period.

4. With small pliers, open the earring hook and slide the wooden earring hole over the hook. Close the hook over the top of the earring with the pliers.