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Paintbrush Earring Project

With its swirls, dots and rainbow of earthy colors, nothing makes a bigger statement than our Oregon Opal earrings.
1) Thread one of the opal beads onto the length of wire and make a wrapped loop. Thread on a freshwater pearl and then make another wrapped loop with the remaining wire.

2) Take one of the ear wires and open the loop at the base of it. Thread this onto the loop that you just made in the previous step.

3) Repeat both steps to create the other earring.

Quantity of Items Needed
2 Lever Back - 15mm Antique Copper Plated
2 Oregon Opal Teardrop 18x25mm
2 Sienna Mix Potato Pearls
2 5" lengths of Artistic Wire Spools 24ga (20-Yd) Gun Metal