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Paddle Head Pin

Step 1

Begin by flush cutting the end of a 2-inch or 3-inch piece of wire. This will be the length of your head pin.

Step 2

Going with the curve of the wire rest the wire on the bench block holding the end with your fingers on your non-dominant hand.

Step 3

Hold the hammer at a right angle to the wire in your other hand.

Step 4

Hit the tip of the wire with the center of the face of the hammer.

Step 5

You should hit the wire with a "rolling" hit. This will pull the wire rather than just flattening it.

Step 6

Concentrate more on the end of the wire to create a wider end or paddle effect.

Step 7

Continue moving back on the wire with each blow to create as long of a paddle as you want on your head pin.

Step 8

You have now finished hammering your paddle head pin.

Step 9

You may need to clean up the shape of the paddle. File the paddle head pin with a small metal file until the edges are clean and the paddle is a good shape.

Step 10

Hammering your head pin may dull its appearance. The paddle head pin is meant to catch the reflection of light so light polishing may be necessary.

Step 11

Fold a polishing pad in half and rub back and forth to polish the paddle head pin.

Step 12

Congratulations! Your paddle head pin is now complete.

Step 13

Try adding beads to your head pin or simply making a loop at the top of the paddle head pin for an easy charm.