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Original Leaf Neclace

Do you like to DIY a necklace for yourself to dress up your blouse. It will make you look more different and unique. Now, today's project will teach us the ways of making this necklace. Let us do it together.

Material needed: leather, metal chain, metal wire, scissors, hole puncher, pen and colorful cardboard.

First, draw a leaf shape on the white paper.

Draw several leaf shape on the leather according to the template.

Cut down the leaf shape and also you can cut some holes to decorate them.

Make a small hole in the leafy shoots with hole puncher.

Open a hole at the side of metal ring with pliers and then go through the hole of leafy shoots.

Cut up a long piece of leather.

At some distance above the leather, you should punch a hole. Each side of the leaf should be connected by a metal ring.

Connect the end of  black leather with metal chain. Combined the hole of metal ring by pliers as well.

Now, a original leaf necklace is making completed. Do you like it? I like it very much. Hope you will like them too!