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Ombre Rhinestone Earring

What you will need:

nail polishes

rhinestone chains

4 end clamps

2 rhinestone ear studs

2 drop-shape beads (I used 8mm chalcedony drops)

beading wire

a pair of flat-nose pliers

a pair of round-nose pliers

a pair of wire cutters


1) Apply nail polishes on the rhinestone chains.

2) Set them aside to dry.

3) When the polishes are completely dry, place the rhinestone chain into the end clamp.

4) Fold over the prongs with flat-nose pliers.

5) Repeat this for the other end of the rhinestone chain.

6) Thread a bead to the beading wire (about 10cm in length), and twist it once above the bead.

7) Trim one of the wires, and create a loop above the twist using round-nose pliers.

8) Add the end of the rhinestone chain to the loop.

9) Wind the wire around 3-4 times below the loop.

10) Attach the other end of the rhinestone chain to the hoop under the ear stud; slide the hoop open with flat-nose pliers, add the chain and slide it again to close. And are done!