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Old T-shirt Making Hair Band

Do you want to make a lovely hair band for yourself? I guess you want. A lovely DIY hair band will make you different and unique.

Look at the following picture, it is very beautiful and lovely, isn't? Now, I can't wait making it. Let's begin!

First, cut into 1.5 inches wide at the bottom section from the old T-shirt. The length of strip should equal head circumference minus 2 inches. Thus that can't be too tight to wear.

Second, fold the strip longitudinally, fix it with the headpin.Inward the side of fabric, sew it along the edge, cut up the excess fabric.

Third, turn out the front headband .

Finally, cut up the excess fabric and make into the flower shape and then sewing the seam. It is OK!

It is already completed! So cool and interesting to make the hairband. Would you like to give it a try? I hope so. :  )