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Ocean Treasure Bracelet


1 Pkg. Abalone Double-Sided Flat Square Beads

1 Pkg. Abalone Double-Sided Flat Rectangle Beads

1 Pkg. Black Rainbow South Sea Shell Pearls, 12mm

2 Pkgs. Antique Silver Plated Heishi

1 Pkg. Silver Plated Small Corrugated Crimps

1 Pkg. Silver Plated Jump Rings, 4mm

1 Pkg. Antique Silver Plated Oval Hammered Toggle Clasps

1 Cast Antique Silver Plated Starfish Charm

1 Spool Soft Flex, Medium

Tools you will need:

Crimping Pliers

Bead Reamer


Please note: Some of the holes on the South Sea Shell Pearls are very small and may need to be reamed with a bead reamer to get the Soft Flex to go through.

Step 1. Cut a piece of Soft Flex measuring approximately 11 inches in length.

Step 2. String one Crimp Bead, followed by a section of two Heishi, one Pearl, and two Heishi.

Step 3. Add one Abalone Rectangle, followed by the Pearl section from Step 2, an Abalone Square, a Pearl Section, an Abalone Rectangle, a Pearl Section, an Abalone Square, a Pearl Section, an Abalone Rectangle, a Pearl Section, and one Crimp Bead.

Step 4. Bring this end of the Soft Flex through one piece of the Toggle Clasp and back through the Crimp Bead. Crush with Crimping Pliers and trim any excess Soft Flex. Repeat on the other end with the other piece of the Toggle.

Step 5. Twist open a Jump Ring and thread on the Starfish Charm, then thread the Jump Ring through the loop of Soft Flex attached to the toggle. Close the Jump Ring. Enjoy!