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Nao Porcelain Figurines and Collectibles

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About Nao Porcelains and Collectibles

Nao porcelains are produced by veteran craftsmen in the company's own local workshops near Valencia, in Spain. The ceramic tradition of the Valencian community goes back to Roman times, and since then has continued to be one of the examples of the artistic skills in this area of Spain. A division of Lladro, Nao porcelains and collectibles was founded in 1967. These finely detailed and emotionally charged pieces have touched the public since their inception, which explains Nao's status today as an internationally renowned brand.

Nao Figurines and Collectibles Design Philosophy

Focusing primarily on a product full of romanticism in an undefined, idyllic time, the creations of Nao are the result of the Lladro brother's vision of making kiln-fired porcelain figurines affordable for lovers of beauty. The name Nao itself symbolizes a return journey to origins, conveying creativity, skill and a dash of magic. Even the name Nao is romantic and symbolic: it is borrowed from the old sailing boats of Iberia from the time of Columbus. Combining dreamy romantic interpretations of life's most precious moments with collections that correspond to current popular trends has resulted in a brand that is both classic and innovative. This is the genius of Nao