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Multi-strand With Closed Jump Rings

Step 1

Cut a piece of Soft Flex Beading Wire to your desired length plus two inches. Crimp one end of the Soft Flex to one closed jump ring.

Step 2

String beads onto the Soft Flex until the desired length has been reached.

Step 3

Crimp the other end of the Soft Flex to the second closed jump ring.

Step 4

Repeat Steps 1-3 with the remaining number of strands that you wish to add. We have chosen to create three strands.

Step 5

Connect one of the closed jump rings to one end of the clasp by attaching it with an open jump ring. (See the Opening and Closing a Jump Ring technique.)

Step 6

Repeat Step 5 to attach the remaining closed jump ring to the other side of the clasp to complete the piece.